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Chasing the Neighbor’s Cat

“Chasing the Neighbor’s Cat” is from my ‘Dreaming’ series–Dry media on Arches Cover.


An Artist’s Journey: I think I might be lost…

Like most artists, I grew up in a world of creativity.  Whether visual arts, music, theater, or dance, I was always immersed in something from the art realm.  Somehow, along the way, domestic duties pushed their way up my ladder of priorities, and ‘art’ became something I doodled on the back of a kid’s menu to entertain my daughter while we waited for our dinner.

A few years ago, I enrolled in a drawing class at Valencia College.  I needed six credit hours to renew my Florida teaching certificate, and I thought it would be an easy A.  It wasn’t.  I worked hard for that A.  My instructor pushed me so far out of my comfort zone I thought I might never find my way back.  Maybe I wasn’t meant to find my way back.  I unexpectedly awakened the fire of creativity in my soul that had dwindled to a glowing ember.  Suddenly, passion was back, and it felt good.  I would find myself lost in a drawing for hours, skipping meals and totally losing track of time. It was like my drawing instructor had handed me a map, and suddenly I knew exactly where I wanted to go.

This blog is the story of my journey back to creativity.  I might have been lost for a few years, but I think I’m back on track now.  And the good news is that I’m never afraid to stop and ask for directions.

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