Last night, I was sitting in my hotel room, checking my email on my phone, and marveling at the ability to stay connected through a device small enough to hold in the palm of my hand.  With a few taps of the screen, I was able to call my brother, email my dad, post a photo on my Facebook page, and visit my blog on WordPress.  The younger generations may take this incredible device for granted, but I grew up in the era of typewriters, corded phones, and busy signals.  I was around for the birth of the answering machine, the cell phone, the digital camera, the personal computer, and the internet.  I have great respect for technology and the gift of ‘connection’ it provides as I travel.  While I can’t predict what the future of technology holds, I know it will surely keep me connected to my friends, my loved ones, my art, my life.

“Connection”–a quick doodle in my travel sketchbook–ink pen and watercolor


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