Be Prepared

I am a sun-loving native Floridian who shivers uncontrollably when the temperature drops below seventy degrees, so it’s no wonder my friends and family scoffed after hearing that I was traveling to The Big Apple during the month of December.  My friends who grew up in New York had one word of advice for me: Layer.  In Florida, ‘layering’ means throwing a cardigan over your shoulders, or wearing a light jacket over your t-shirt, but this trip called for hard core layering.  Knowing how much I loathe the cold, I vowed to be comfortable during my weekend in the big city, and that meant being prepared.

I purchased a packable puffer coat and a purse-sized umbrella since the forecast called for not only cold temperatures, but a 90% chance of rain.  I packed jeans, sweaters, jackets, heavy socks, gloves, and my first pair of Uggs.  And while it was cold, damp, and rainy, I was warm and dry because I was prepared for the harsh elements–not only physically, but also mentally.

On my Artist’s Journey, I am sometimes faced with less than favorable conditions, too.  And while layers of clothing can’t protect me from harsh criticism and frigid reviews, I can build up layers of confidence that will guard my Inner Artist who tends to shiver when her soul is exposed to the elements.  So my words of advice to my Inner Artist are simple–hold your head high, pile on the layers, and be prepared.

“Bundled” –a quick self-portrait in graphite from my travel sketchbook


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