Background Check

As a traveler, I enjoy visiting other countries.  That requires a passport, and a passport requires a background check.  Background checks are a necessity in today’s world.  Even my painting professor suggests I address the ‘background’ of a painting before I get too far into my work.  This week, however, I ignored her advice. I painted my subject first without any concern over how my color choices might be affected by the addition of a strong hue in my background. It was a bad decision.  My leaves, which initially seemed to glow against the stark white canvas, became muted once they were surrounded the Ultramarine sky, and their stems all but disappeared into the blue.  With acrylic, I do have the luxury of painting over bad decisions, but this week, time just didn’t permit a do-over.  Lesson learned?  Yes.  From now on there will be a thorough background check on every canvas that tries to gain entry into my studio.

“Striptease” (take two)–Acrylic on Canvas


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