My Strange Addcition

I am a recovering ‘chip addict’, and my ‘chip of choice’ is Fritos.  The salt, the crunch, the fried corn taste—I couldn’t stop eating them.  I tried telling myself that their three simple, natural ingredients—corn, oil, and salt—made them okay to consume in mass quantities.  After all, corn is a vegetable…My waistline disagreed.  Artists are trained to study the human form, and I couldn’t help but notice that my ‘form’ was spilling out over the top of my jeans.  The Fritos had to go.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy since my husband was addicted, too.  The Fritos would always be there every time I opened the pantry.  I had to be strong enough to avoid the overwhelming temptation when my husband pulled out the bag and started popping those salty delights into his mouth—crunching loudly, wildly, joyfully. I had to keep my resolve when he waved the open bag under my nose and said “Just have a few.”  But I knew that ‘a few’ would become half a bag.

I went cold turkey.  I’m proud to say I’ve been Frito-free for a month now.  The hardest part is over.  My waistline is slowly recovering, and my jeans are much more comfortable.  And in May, when I’m sitting on the beach in the Bahamas wearing my new bikini instead of hiding under a towel, I won’t be missing my Fritos at all.  I’ll be smiling.

“My Strange Addiction”*–graphite–from my sketchbook–*No Fritos were consumed during the sketching of this bag.



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3 thoughts on “My Strange Addcition

  1. jaimiengle says:

    Very cute and funny text and pic. This is why I only eat pretzels. Everything else is too addicting!

  2. I love pretzels, too! Congrats again on your novel! That’s really exciting news!! I’m so happy for you!!

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