Trim To Fit

Lately, I’ve been in the mood to make something—to build—cut and paste—construct.  Maybe it was my trip to Home Depot that planted the seed.  I still wasn’t ready for power tools, but I definitely could handle scissors.  I decided to try my hand at making a collage.

It was tedious, detailed work, but it was fun.  Collage work is a little like putting together a puzzle.  The beauty of it is that if a piece doesn’t fit exactly, you can trim it down and make it fit.  I think there might be a life lesson in collage work—If something in your world isn’t working, trim it to fit. 

“Puzzle”–paper on…paper


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4 thoughts on “Trim To Fit

  1. Elephant says:

    Looking again and liking this very much again!

  2. Patti Ross says:

    You did great with scissors! Thanks also for visiting my blog since your visit lef me back to you. I love watching the artist at work.

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