The Sandman

Today when I woke up, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning who had just opened that one special present—the one at the top of my list—the one thing I really wanted.  As a child, that ultimate gift was a rock tumbler, chemistry set, or record player.  As an adult, it was anything that packed a lot of sparkle and fit in a very small box.  But as 50 approaches, the gift I long for most is a good night’s sleep.  For months, sleep has eluded me.  I’d tried a variety of sleep aids including Melatonin, diphenhydramine, and chamomile extract.  Most of them didn’t help, and those that did left me hung-over in the morning. It’s hard to be creative—to function, even—without adequate sleep.  I need a clear head when I’m behind the wheel on my Artist’s Journey.  Last night I ditched the meds and got into bed—just me, my flimsy pillow, and my satin sheets.  Instead of Santa sneaking down my chimney, it was The Sandman—and he left a special present for me to discover in the morning. I had slept through the night.  I couldn’t have been happier. It was the perfect gift– just what I always wanted.

“The Perfect Gift”–graphite–from my sketchbook


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2 thoughts on “The Sandman

  1. kasturika says:

    I can understand that feeling oh so well 🙂

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