Go Big or Go Home

Last week, my painting professor assigned a texture study—specifically, a furry dog.  I decided to go big—I chose the furriest dog I could find.  I selected the Pumi—a cattle herding breed from Hungary.  As I worked to paint his curly coat, I couldn’t help but think about the 1980’s—the decade of ‘hair’.   Big hair.  Wild, curly, crazy hair.  It was ‘Go Big or Go Home’.  Though curls run on both sides of my family, the Genetics Fairy gave me straight, fine hair. In order to fit into that big decade, I decided to get a perm.  Actually, I got two perms over a three year period—and that was two too many.  While I think my locks have forgiven me for the cruel chemical assaults, the next time ‘Big Hair’ is in style—and it inevitably will be—I think I’ll ‘Go Home’.

“Pumi”–Acrylic on Birchwood–work in progress


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