The Key to Creativity

I own countless brushes, pencils, and palette knives, but the best tool in my artist’s studio is my imagination.  Many artists paint from life—or paint life the way it is.  I prefer to paint life the way it could be.  The key to creativity is tapping into one’s imagination.  For me, creativity tends to strike when I’m engaged in mundane tasks—showering, driving, vacuuming, riding my bike.  The ideas start to flow—lightly at first, like a spring sun shower. That light shower quickly becomes an all-out flood that I try to outrun as I rush for the nearest pen. Once the idea is on paper, it’s mine.  Next week, when I’m sunning myself on the white beaches of Castaway Cay, I have a feeling my creativity will be racing like a runaway river.  I’ll be sure to pack a pen so I can catch every precious drop.

“The Key to Creativity”–graphite and watercolor–from my sketchbook


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