Smooth Sailing

I am currently in the process of brushing a thick coat of gesso over an in-progress acrylic painting. I had high hopes when I set sail on this particular piece, but it just wasn’t working.  I loved the subject, composition, and colors, but my lack of control with the medium kept me from capturing the detail I wanted.  I was sailing on rough waters that left me feeling moody, frustrated, and seasick. I had no choice but to head back to port.  Nothing compares to the glorious control I can get from a pencil or watercolor brush, but acrylics give me the bold, vibrant color and texture that I love.  So what’s a girl to do?  I could continue working with my acrylics in an attempt to successfully navigate those waters, but tacking and gybing can be a lot of work. I prefer a cruise ship to a sailboat when I travel on the ocean, so I think I’ll take the easy route and demand vibrancy from my watercolors.  That’s my goal this summer—to create the bluest blues and greenest greens I can from my watercolor tubes and pans. If I can combine bright, bold color with meticulous control, I’ll finally feel like the captain of my ship.  I’m an optimist, so I’m counting on clear skies, calm seas, and smooth sailing. 

“Smooth Sailing”–Prismacolor Colored Pencils on Bristol Board


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8 thoughts on “Smooth Sailing

  1. Ron Scubadiver says:

    Beautiful, and I have had many up close encounters with sea turtles.

    • I used to spend summers in the Florida Keys snorkeling. The turtles would get so close! Now I can see them at Sea World’s new exhibit which is right around the corner from my home. 🙂

      • Ron Scubadiver says:

        I am going diving in Belize soon. I hope there are some turtles around. Peak season was probably this month when there are lots of jellyfish, their favorite food.

  2. mostlypurple says:

    Fantastic text – and I like your determination to get out of the material what you need. Go and find the bold colours – I am sure you will succeed and look forward to seeing the results!

  3. You can always combine the mediums. I use coloured pencils over acrylic paint. It give me great saturated colours and the fine control of pencils. Karen.

    • I’ve never tried to combine the two. I’ve used colored pencil with watercolor, but never with acrylic. I feel a new project coming on! 😉

      • You will enjoy it and it is a very quick way to get great coverage with your pencils, as you have less layers to build up to achieve great saturation. Good luck I look forward to seeing your outcome.

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