A Little Color

 Thirteen years ago, we built our house in a new development where an orange grove once thrived.  We moved from an established neighborhood carved out of the woods in Ormond Beach, to a quiet street with new sod, sapling oak trees, and no wildlife to speak of other than the gator who lived in the lake behind our house.  Slowly, over the past decade, the trees began to mature, and life followed.  First, the ebony crows appeared, then the grey mourning doves and mocking birds.  The armadillos and possums were followed by an explosion of scampering squirrels—still all shades of grey.  Just this spring, the vibrant red cardinals and the brilliant blue jays arrived.  Now our neighborhood has a little color that’s accompanied by wonderfully melodious songs.  Orlando is finally starting to feel a little more like home.

“A Little Color”–Watercolor Pencil–From my Sketchbook


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