Inner Child

Today in the gym, a rather handsome, muscular young man strutted into the cardio theater.  He stepped onto the elliptical trainer next to me, plugged in his headphones, and turned on his TV.  I watched him scroll through the channels, stopping when he saw the movie “Up” which was playing on the Disney Channel.  I, coincidentally, was watching it, too.  I am guilty of watching emotional movies while riding the elliptical trainer, and I’ve laughed out loud and even cried in the cardio theater more times than I can count.  I am a woman, a mother, and a former elementary school teacher.  I couldn’t be more in touch with my inner child, and I honestly don’t care who sees me laugh, cry, or gush over a Disney film.  The gym, however, is a raging sea of testosterone where men swim silently like predatory sharks, making sure all those around them can feel their presence and power.  Men in the gym try to appear very…manly.  While there are several man-approved channels on the cable line-up in our gym, this particular young man chose to watch a Disney movie.  He is obviously in touch with his inner child, but more importantly, he’s not afraid of what other people might think.  I have a feeling he will make a great husband one day, and one heck of a dad.

“Inner Child”–Pen and Ink–From my Sketchbook


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2 thoughts on “Inner Child

  1. adixon210 says:

    Love your sketch. Love that you watch Disney movies too, even more.

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