A Show of Hands: Hang Loose

While it would be correct to say that I grew up in Daytona Beach, the truth is that I grew up on Daytona Beach.  My siblings and I were tan from March through December. We spent so much time in the sea we often felt more ’fish’ than human.  Back then, there were no beach tolls or beach patrols– only surfers and skim boarders, body surfers and swimmers—even our dogs were allowed to frolic beside us in the water. The ocean was our playground.  We constructed enormous, elaborate sand castles complete with moats—no buckets, shovels, or plastic molds were needed.  We built them with our bare hands. We were experts at dodging traffic as we flagged down the ice cream truck that drove up and down the shore, and we learned at a very young age what a ‘run-out’ was, and how to swim out of one.  Although there have been many changes over the years to my beloved Daytona Beach, for me, it will always be home—a place to swim, sun, and just hang loose. 

“Hang Loose”–Colored Pencil on Multimedia Paper


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