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A Show of Hands: Helping Hand

 Directions for using a Helping Hand:  If you need one, ask for it.  If you have one, offer it.

“Helping Hand”–Graphite and Watercolor


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A Show of Hands: Pull My Finger

I grew up with two younger brothers.  Enough said.

“Pull My Finger”–Colored Pencil


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A Show of Hands: Boo!

Peel away the skin and muscle, and the human hand becomes the perfect prop for a haunted house.  I don’t really understand why skeletons are scary.  We all have them inside of us—in fact, we can’t function without them.  While they symbolize death, they can also serve as clues to life.   They can help solve crimes, identify people who have passed, and give us a peek into the state of our planet long ago.  So scream if you must, but I am a fan of the skeleton.



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A Show of Hands: Read

The human fingertips have an extraordinarily dense supply of nerve endings making them wonderful receptors for tactile information.  These incredible digits allow a blind person to use the sense of touch to read Braille. I guess our amazing hands truly can do anything.

“Read”–Ink Pen


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