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Suzanne in Wonderland

Things were getting “curioser and curioser” in the studio last week.  I fell down the rabbit hole and found myself in a strange, nonsensical, abstract world.  Shapes, colors, layers,and collage elements marched across my canvas as I attempted to create my first abstract work.  In abstraction, the image on the canvas often represents a theme, concept, or idea–but in other works, the image remains an unanswered question for the viewer to ponder.  Logic is replaced by nonsense, and every canvas is a riddle begging to be solved.  Like a guest at the Mad Hatter’s tea party, I ate and drank abstraction like a half-starved lunatic. I have learned to enjoy these unexpected excursions on my Artist’s Journey, so the next time I find a bottle labeled ‘Drink Me’, I will happily comply.

“Spice” –abstract work in progress


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