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A Shot in the Arm

As the spring semester comes to an end, rumors are being whispered around the halls of the art department.  If the rumors are true, then full time art professors will be replaced by part time adjunct faculty, and several art classes will be pulled from the fall roster.  I knew the arts were taking a hit in the public schools, but I didn’t realize that higher education would be affected by this apparently contagious, deadly virus. 

The arts can’t die.  The arts are a lasting expression of our humanity. They make us aware of our humanity.  Music, visual arts, dance, theater—if we kill the arts, who will tell our stories?  Who will record our history?  Where will we turn to find beauty? We have to keep the arts alive, and that means art education desperately needs a transfusion, a round of antibiotics, or at least a shot in the arm—and make that STAT!   Letting art education die—that would be just plum crazy.

“Plum Crazy”–Acrylic on Canvas–part of the ‘Colorblind’ series


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