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This morning, I took a break from my usual routine in the gym and headed out on my bike.  When I’m working out in the gym, I’m either plugged into my iPod, or the TV.  Today, I was unplugged.  It was energizing to breathe in the fresh air, my senses being bombarded by the intoxicating fragrance of gardenias, magnolias, and jasmine.  I could hear the Scrub-Jays and Sparrows warming up for a day of glorious song.  The cool morning breeze wicked sweat from my brow.  My head was clear.  I wasn’t trying to come up with new project ideas, solve current issues, or worry about potential future problems.  I was free.  I don’t think biking gives my body the same caliber workout that I can get in the gym, but today, it sure was good for my soul.

“Unplugged”–Graphite–A quick sketch on scrap paper


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