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Childhood Memories

Last weekend’s resort stay brought back childhood memories of jumping on the bed.

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A Show of Hands: Heal

When my daughter was three, she went through a ‘Band-Aid’ phase.  Every day she would complain of a new boo-boo.  Some were tiny scratches or paper cuts.  Most were not visible to the human eye, and one was even a freckle.  Still, she always insisted on a Band-Aid.  She was somehow comforted by the magical healing effects of a colorful bandage.  While the phase didn’t last long, it serves as a reminder, even today, that our hands can heal—whether the hurt is imagined or real.

“Heal”–Graphite and Watercolor


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A Show of Hands: I’ve Got your Nose!

Long before electronic devices became the primary entertainment for children, comical grandfathers everywhere amused little ones with the quirky and ridiculous “I’ve got your nose!” trick.  I’m not sure that kids ever really fell for it, but at least it entertained America’s grandfathers.

“I’ve got your nose!”–Colored Pencil 


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