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Just Keep Swimming

It’s day three of 2014 and I am a Resolution Dynamo.  I’ve painted, cleaned, filed, exercised, and eaten like a champ.  But it’s only day three.  What happens when I get tired or lazy?  What will become of my resolutions when I lose motivation, or fear sets in? Will I have enough willpower to keep me afloat? The ‘diving in’ part is easy, now I’ve just got to keep swimming.

“Just Keep Swimming”–Colored Pencil


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Master Multitasker

I’ve always considered myself to be a master multitasker. I often find that I’m on the phone, while sitting in front of the computer, going through a stack of mail, and tumbling a load of laundry in the dryer, all while waiting for the oven timer to go off.  There simply aren’t enough hours in the day –I have to multitask.  If only I had eight arms like an octopus—just imagine what I could accomplish!

“Master Multitasker”–Watercolor–from my sketchbook


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