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Art Supply Junkie

It’s always a thrill to open my mailbox and find that the Daniel Smith art supply catalogue has been delivered.  I pour over the pages, red Sharpie in hand, circling what will surely be the next great treasure in my art supply collection.

I get a genuine high just walking down the aisles of Sam Flax, perusing the pencils, paints, and papers.  The open stock pencil wall is like a colorful candy bin I can’t resist dipping into, and I want to sample it all.  Graphite, graphitone, graphitint, colored pencils, watercolor pencils–I long to try every color, every style, every brand.  I have so many supplies on my drawing table there’s hardly room to draw.

I am on a never-ending mission to discover the perfect pencil, eraser, and sharpener.  A growing collection of disappointments, cast-offs, and relics crowds my closet, but my quest continues.

They say the first step in getting help is to admit you have a problem.  Okay…”I am an art supply junkie.”  There.  I’ve said it.  And now I’m off to Michael’s!Image

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