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I am incredibly envious of my dogs’ masterful ability to sleep.  They sleep the majority of the day, drifting in and out of slumber.  They can sleep through just about anything, other than the sound of the treat jar opening.  And when they do wake, it takes mere seconds for them to slip back into a dream.  I, on the other hand, wake at the slightest sound—my husband’s breathing, the house settling, the air conditioner kicking on—and it takes a miracle for me to resume my sleep. I toss and turn, think, over-think, worry, and catastrophize.  I’ve tried OTC sleep aids, natural sleep aids, and odd Southern remedies, but nothing really works.  I usually spend the next day in a sleep-deprived fog.  Actually, I think I might be in one now.  Maybe it’s time for a well-earned nap.

“Sleep”–Graphite and Colored Pencil–From my Sketchbook


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Deck the Halls

It’s not even September yet, but I’m itching to put out my fall decorations.  That is no surprise to my family, as I typically beg to decorate for Christmas the day after Halloween.  I can appreciate that each season and holiday deserves its time to shine, but I have my favorites, and since they only come around once a year, I like to maximize the celebration.   My pumpkins and gourds wait patiently in the linen closet, but every time I pull out a fresh towel, I am tempted to get started on my fall decorating.  I will wait, for fear of  being chastised by my family, but August sure is taking her sweet time.

“Ready and Waiting”–Colored Pencil 


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Show of Hands: Fingers Crossed

Whether crossed or double crossed, when the first and second fingers are linked together, it means luck, hope, or good wishes.  While it’s purely superstitious, I still find myself crossing my fingers when I’m hoping for a positive outcome.  It might not really help, but it can’t hurt, right?

“Fingers Crossed”–Colored Pencil 


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Show of Hands: Create

 Whether I’m moved to create imagery with written words or pictures, I always have a writing tool nearby.  I keep pens in my purse, in my car, and by the phone.  I have pencils in my studio, on the kitchen table, and next to my computer. I never know when the creative urge will strike, and I want to be ready just in case a spontaneous thought decides to erupt into a full blown drawing.

“Create”–Graphite and Colored Pencil


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