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A Show of Hands: Cook

I can’t cook, but I sure appreciate and admire those who can.

“Cook”–Graphite and Watercolor Wash


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Cooking up Color

In painting class, we’re studying color theory.  But for me, it’s more than just ‘theory’–it’s passion.  Like a manic cook in a kitchen full of delicious ingredients, I blend and stir, exploring endless color combinations.  I inhale the fragrant diversity as the colors come to life on my palette.

I mix up a warm red and blue, but instead of the delectable violet I have envisioned, I create a rather flavorless plum.  By simply switching to a cool red and blue, I achieve mouth-watering eggplant purple.  Add  just a dash of Titanium White, and my eggplant morphs into sweet, floral English lavender.  A sprinkle of white can take me from tasty, tangy tangerine to fresh pastel cantaloupe, while a pinch of black transforms bright apple red to the dark burgundy of a fine aged wine.

So far, each day in class has been a celebration of the incredible variety in the world of color.  I am seeing objects with new-found clarity.  That grape isn’t just green, it’s a warm yellow-green with deep indigo and violet shadows.  Fruity reds and blues, crisp greens, and starchy whites–I lay out my palette like I’m plating a meal at a five star restaurant.  With an abundance of scrumptious colors to choose from, who knows what I’ll cook up next!  I can only hope that the critics will give it rave reviews.


A color saturation chart showing some of the many possibilities when mixing orange, blue, black, and white

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