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Creative inspiration strikes at the most inconvenient times!

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Make today a masterpiece!

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Show of Hands: Create

 Whether I’m moved to create imagery with written words or pictures, I always have a writing tool nearby.  I keep pens in my purse, in my car, and by the phone.  I have pencils in my studio, on the kitchen table, and next to my computer. I never know when the creative urge will strike, and I want to be ready just in case a spontaneous thought decides to erupt into a full blown drawing.

“Create”–Graphite and Colored Pencil


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The Magic Bullet

In order to create, I have to feel well, so I exercise every day, eat a vegetarian diet, and practice yoga. Lately, though, I’ve been bombarded by advertisements, infomercials, and well-meaning friends who assure me they’re selling the most miraculous ‘diet’,’health’, or ‘fix-all’ product on the market.  As far as I know, there is no secret pill, shake, wrap, or drink that will result in optimum health, the perfect figure, or an incredible level of fitness.  There is, however, a magic bullet.  We all have access to it.  It’s free, it has no side effects, and it contains three simple, safe ingredients: knowledge, action, and willpower.  You want to be healthy and fit?  Stop wasting your money on hollow promises made by unethical companies and empower yourself.  Do your own research.  Eat whole foods.  Lay off the junk.  Get off the couch.  Get moving!  Your health is in your hands.  All you have to do is pull the trigger and see what that magic bullet inside of you can do.  Salute!

“The Magic Bullet”–Watercolor–from my sketchbook





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Secret Window

There is something almost magical about spending time in a museum or gallery.  For me, the museum visit is a surreptitious look into an artist’s soul. I am a voyeur, sneaking a thrilling peak through a secret window.  I approach the paintings quietly, respectfully, and study them with genuine regard.  I take note of the subject, color choices, composition, and most importantly, the brush strokes.  My mind is a thirsty sponge, soaking up inspiration as I study the length, direction, and weight of each stroke.  I clasp my hands behind my back, resisting the temptation to ‘touch’, as all of my senses long to be engaged in the experience.  These stops on my Artist’s Journey leave me eager to get home and pick up my own brushes to create a work that will hopefully, someday, be appreciated by someone else.

“Ready and Waiting”–Watercolor–from my sketchbook


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