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Hold that plane!

There’s a sick feeling that comes from the realization that you’re late for your flight and traffic isn’t moving.  You can scold yourself for not leaving for the airport sooner, but that’s not going to speed up the endless line of cars ahead of you.  The best you can do is hope for the quick dispersion of the gridlock and the ability to make up some time.

On my Artist’s Journey, I am finally out of the gridlock and I’m speeding through my final project in painting class.  I should have started earlier, and there’s a strong possibility that I might have bitten off more than I can chew with this particular series.  So for the next three days, I will be skipping meals, forgoing sleep, and painting day and night in order to complete my work.  There’s no airline on Earth that will hold the plane for one lone artist who should have made sure to leave on time.

“Gold Rush”–one of three acrylic paintings in progress from the series “Colorblind”


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