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A Show of Hands: Point it Out

 When I was in junior high school, ’well-meaning’ classmates were quick to point out my flaws.  Pointer fingers called attention to my acne, chipped front teeth, and the size of my nose.  The accompanying commentary ensured that all of my peers within earshot were also made aware of my shortcomings.  Over time, my skin cleared up, I crowned my teeth, and eventually grew into my nose. All of that pointing, however, had affected my heart– but not in a bad way.  It grew bigger, stronger, more compassionate.  I use my pointer finger to draw attention to the beautiful things in life.  Why point out someone’s flaws when you can point out a dramatic sunset, a grand magnolia blossom, or an interesting cloud formation?  I prefer to point toward good, happy, delightful things.  There’s enough sadness and evil in the world.  I don’t need to point it out, and I certainly don’t need someone else to point it out for me.

“Point it Out”–Colored Pencil


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