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Happy New Year!

Spending more time on the truly important things in 2017: family, friends, love, and kindness. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy new year!

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A Show of Hands: Lead

When my dogs were puppies, their leashes served as training tools.  They also kept my pups under control as I led them through their obedience exercises.  Now that my dogs are adults, the leashes are a formality, a courtesy to other pedestrians and their dogs, and a safety measure.  My dogs still wear their leashes religiously when we walk, but I don’t really ‘lead’ them anymore.  We walk together as a family, or in my dogs’ eyes, as one big happy pack.

“Lead”–Graphite and Colored Pencil


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Stop.  Take a breath.  Step back.  Look at the big picture.  The really big picture.  We are all one family.  My hope is that some day mankind will solve problems not with violence, but with words.

“One”–pen and watercolor


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