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A Show of Hands: Dexterity

As a child, I was fascinated by my hands’ dexterity.  I am ‘double-jointed’ and can bend my hands and fingers into all sorts of strange, unnatural positions.   I wish I could boast about how this ’talent’ has benefited me, but other than being the undefeated “Thumb War” champion in my family, it hasn’t. It only serves as an oddity and an off-putting party trick.  Still, I treasure my flexible little hands and thank them for seeing me through countless yoga poses, hours of drawing and painting, and a lifetime of ability.



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Show of Hands: Fingers Crossed

Whether crossed or double crossed, when the first and second fingers are linked together, it means luck, hope, or good wishes.  While it’s purely superstitious, I still find myself crossing my fingers when I’m hoping for a positive outcome.  It might not really help, but it can’t hurt, right?

“Fingers Crossed”–Colored Pencil 


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