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Memory Lane

This week on my Artist’s Journey, I am struggling with a project.  It just isn’t working and I feel stuck–emotionally stranded at the easel.  I have missed my connection and I’m trapped in my studio, waiting for the next plane to Technique Town.  This unexpected delay has resulted in anxiety and frustration as my painting is due in class on Tuesday.

Just as I keep photo albums that detail my real life travels, I have archives in my studio that tell the ongoing story of my Artist’s Journey.  Looking through my old work reminds me how far I’ve come and often restores my confidence.  Sometimes I need to step back, retrace my steps, and find that occasionally elusive inspiration that will allow me to get back on track.  I pride myself on being prompt and timely, so I’m hoping a trip down Memory Lane will give me the push I need to re-book the next leg of my journey.  I plan to arrive at my destination on time, with my finished painting in hand.  

“I Dream of Riding in Cars”–Graphite on Arches Cover–from my archives


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