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Secret Window

There is something almost magical about spending time in a museum or gallery.  For me, the museum visit is a surreptitious look into an artist’s soul. I am a voyeur, sneaking a thrilling peak through a secret window.  I approach the paintings quietly, respectfully, and study them with genuine regard.  I take note of the subject, color choices, composition, and most importantly, the brush strokes.  My mind is a thirsty sponge, soaking up inspiration as I study the length, direction, and weight of each stroke.  I clasp my hands behind my back, resisting the temptation to ‘touch’, as all of my senses long to be engaged in the experience.  These stops on my Artist’s Journey leave me eager to get home and pick up my own brushes to create a work that will hopefully, someday, be appreciated by someone else.

“Ready and Waiting”–Watercolor–from my sketchbook


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