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A Show of Hands: Call Me

It was wonderful to be disconnected from all of my electronic devices while I sailed the Caribbean for a week, but it was just as nice to get home and reconnect.

“Call Me”–Graphite, Watercolor, and Ink Pen


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A Show of Hands: Cook

I can’t cook, but I sure appreciate and admire those who can.

“Cook”–Graphite and Watercolor Wash


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A Show of Hands: I wanna hold your hand

My husband and I have been together for twenty years, and we still hold hands.  There’s just something comforting about feeling his big strong hand envelop my tiny fingers.  Holding his hand makes me feel safe, secure, and loved.


“I Wanna Hold Your Hand”–Colored Pencil


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A Show of Hands: Heal

When my daughter was three, she went through a ‘Band-Aid’ phase.  Every day she would complain of a new boo-boo.  Some were tiny scratches or paper cuts.  Most were not visible to the human eye, and one was even a freckle.  Still, she always insisted on a Band-Aid.  She was somehow comforted by the magical healing effects of a colorful bandage.  While the phase didn’t last long, it serves as a reminder, even today, that our hands can heal—whether the hurt is imagined or real.

“Heal”–Graphite and Watercolor


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A Show of Hands: Wave

Whether friendly, flirty, enthusiastic, angry, or helpful, a wave can be the perfect way to get someone’s attention.  My favorite wave is the unsolicited ‘baby wave’ that usually occurs in the line at my grocery store.  Mom is busy transferring groceries from her cart to the conveyer belt.  Baby is bored.  Baby spots me—also bored.  Baby waves.  I wave back. This continues until Baby tries to get Mom’s attention to show off her new friend.  Mom turns around.  I look away, pretending that the entire exchange never happened.  Mom goes back to the task at hand.  Baby waves.  I wave back.  It’s a little juvenile, but it’s fun, and it keeps one baby’s and one shopper’s boredom at bay.

“Wave”–Graphite and Pastels


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A Show of Hands: Thumb War

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could end all wars this way?

“Thumb War”–Graphite and Charcoal


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A Show of Hands: Treat

Treat time in our house is a canine celebration.  It doesn’t matter where my dogs are, the slightest tap of the treat jar will send them running with tails and tongues wagging.  Come to think of it, that’s probably the same way I look each night when I head to the fridge to unwrap a decadent piece of 86% dark chocolate.  Everyone deserves a little treat now and then.

“Treat”–Graphite and Watercolor


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A Show of Hands: Helping Hand

 Directions for using a Helping Hand:  If you need one, ask for it.  If you have one, offer it.

“Helping Hand”–Graphite and Watercolor


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