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A Show of Hands: Boo!

Peel away the skin and muscle, and the human hand becomes the perfect prop for a haunted house.  I don’t really understand why skeletons are scary.  We all have them inside of us—in fact, we can’t function without them.  While they symbolize death, they can also serve as clues to life.   They can help solve crimes, identify people who have passed, and give us a peek into the state of our planet long ago.  So scream if you must, but I am a fan of the skeleton.



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A Walk on the Wild Side

My family spent last weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel for an early Halloween celebration.  My daughter and her friend wanted to attend Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.  My husband and I considered going as well, but we decided to stay at the resort and relax rather than pay someone to scare us.  I was an avid haunted house fan in my teens and twenties, but as I got older, I realized there were lots of things in real life that scared me plenty—like a visit to the doctor’s office.  Last week, I had my annual physical.  Just like a haunted house, there was a wait to enter.  When I was called to go back, a nurse with a menacing grin had me follow her to the first frightening site—a horrible torture device– the scale.  I pulled off my shoes, set my purse on a table, and exhaled before I stepped onto the beast.  Was that maniacal laughter I heard as the nurse nudged the counter weight along its track?  She led me down a long hallway to the exam room which was ‘decorated’ with graphic images of heart disease.   It’s hard to be calm in the face of fear, but I managed to slow my breathing as the nurse pumped up the blood pressure cuff.  Next, the doctor entered.  After poking and prodding, he served me with lab scripts for my annual blood work, a bone density scan, and a colonoscopy.  My heart was racing as I swallowed my screams.  Another nurse appeared and escorted me to the most terrifying area of all—the payment desk.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  Halloween Horror Nights?  No thanks.  I’ll let the teens run screaming through the haunted houses.  I’ve already had my walk on the wild side, and more than enough scares for this Halloween.

“A Walk on the Wild Side”–Watercolor Pencils–Work in Progress


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