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My Mother’s Jewelry Box

I’ve always been a big fan of sparkle and shine.  I have fond, vivid memories of gazing deep into the endless stair steps of my grandmother’s enormous emerald cut diamond ring.  As a child, I logged countless hours trying on pieces from my mother’s crystal-encrusted costume jewelry collection.  I spent my teenage years in the 1970’s draped in shiny, satiny polyester.  The eighties brought shimmer to my face courtesy of the flashy Ultima ll cosmetics line.  Even in the muted decade that followed, I still found ways to sparkle. I felt it was time for a more mature shine, so gold, platinum, and gemstones provided my twinkle in the 90’s. That being said, no one cheered louder than I when fashion’s sequins and glitter helped ring in the new century.  In my objective opinion, everything should sparkle.

Even on my Artist’s Journey, I try to sneak in a little sparkle and shine.  I have metallic paints that I often brush on my canvas ever so lightly to create a subtle glimmer.  But this week, I grew bold.  While digging through a craft bin in my studio, I came across some leftover Swarovski crystals just begging to be used.  Valencia College officially labels my Independent Study as “Mixed Media Exploration,”–which basically means ‘anything goes’– so I got out my tweezers and glue, and affixed the crystals to a previously painted piece.  The results were definitely not traditional. They may have been a little gaudy or garish by painterly standards, but I didn’t care.  For a few short hours, I was a young girl again, happily digging through my mother’s jewelry box.

“Something Fishy” (the ‘sparkle and shine’ edition)  Acrylic and Swarovski crystals on canvas


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