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Learning the Language

Artists love to share their work with the world, and unfortunately for me, the best way to accomplish that goal is through the Internet.  I, however, would prefer to continue on my ‘artist’s journey’ without being bothered by pesky little things like technology. Pencils, erasers, and paint brushes are the only tools I’m comfortable using, and they allow me to travel light.  I don’t think my modest art supplies should have to share space in my carry-on with high-tech electronic gadgets.

I once read that artists should claim their ‘online presence,’ but that’s like asking me to set up shop in a foreign country when I don’t speak or understand the language.  I can handle the basic stuff–email, word processing, even Facebook, but other than that, I am embarrassed to confess that I am technologically illiterate.  There is no Rosetta Stone for technology, so I try in in vain to decode the mysterious language that younger generations speak so fluently. Alone in a foreign land, I struggle to communicate with the locals.

Luckily, my teenage daughter is a computer whiz who doubles as my travel guide while I stumble through the technology maze.  She’s as comfortable with a keyboard as I am with a pencil.  She has warned me to steer clear of the back-alley world of ‘virus-infected spam’ and helped me find my way back to files I thought were lost forever.  I have only to call across the house and my travel guide appears, map in hand.  Like a disgruntled traveler leaving bad reviews on Trip Advisor, my complaints are always the same: “It’s broken!”  “I’m stuck!” and “The stupid computer’s not cooperating!” But how can I expect cooperation from my computer when we don’t speak the same language?

Last December, I made a vow to get current in 2012 and make peace with my foreign friend, technology. I traded in my not-so-smart phone for an iPhone, bought an iPad, downloaded photo editing software onto my laptop, and plugged in a tablet.  I learned to copy and paste, manipulate images on Photoshop, and scan documents. I downloaded apps, created a “Tamberrino Art Studio” page on Facebook, and most recently, started blogging here on WordPress.  I am officially on a technological roll!  And the year’s not over yet!

I am no longer afraid of getting stuck or taking a wrong turn as I navigate through unfamiliar territory. I am exploring this strange new world and ‘clicking and dragging’ with unexpected bravery. Now that I am learning the language, technology isn’t so scary.  In fact, I kind of like it!  Besides, what’s the worst thing that can happen?  If I ever get lost on my technological journey, I know a great travel guide who can get me back on track.  And even when she goes off to college, she can always email me a map.

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