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Love at First Sight

Four years ago, I told my husband I was having maternal stirrings.  I either wanted to have another baby, or adopt another puppy.  He made a wild dash for the classified section of the newspaper. It was time to search for a puppy. I decided I wanted a female Boston Terrier that I could breed.  We already owned two Bostons, and I was prepared to let the third have just one litter of puppies before I spayed her.  I was set on finding the perfect female.  I talked to breeder after breeder, and looked at countless photos of puppies.  The puppy had to come from a reputable breeder, the lineage had to be AKC, and the parents had to be on premises so I could get a sense of their temperaments.  I was looking for a little girl with perfect markings, a well centered blaze, good eyes—the list went on and on.  One day, I got an email from a breeder in Geneva.  There were photos attached.  I opened the first one, and there, staring back at me, was a little white-faced Boston Terrier.  She had one black ear and a spot on the top of her head, fawn colored eyes, and an impressive under bite.  She was far from the perfect puppy I had been searching for, but something about that face made me squeal with delight.  We drove out to see her later that day.  She was the runt of her litter.  The breeder had nicknamed her E.T. because she was all ‘head’.  He had feared she would die since she was born so small, but he went to great lengths to save her, including giving her private nursing time with her mother since her siblings crowded her out at every feeding.  His little E.T. became our little ‘Sundae’. She was not the puppy I had been looking for, but it was love at first sight.  She was far from the breed standard, so I had her spayed.  She is a funny little clown, more bulldog than Boston, who brings such love and joy to our family.  I guess she was the perfect little girl, after all.

“Treat Bin Stare Down”–Watercolor–From my Sketchbook


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