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A Show of Hands: Wave

Whether friendly, flirty, enthusiastic, angry, or helpful, a wave can be the perfect way to get someone’s attention.  My favorite wave is the unsolicited ‘baby wave’ that usually occurs in the line at my grocery store.  Mom is busy transferring groceries from her cart to the conveyer belt.  Baby is bored.  Baby spots me—also bored.  Baby waves.  I wave back. This continues until Baby tries to get Mom’s attention to show off her new friend.  Mom turns around.  I look away, pretending that the entire exchange never happened.  Mom goes back to the task at hand.  Baby waves.  I wave back.  It’s a little juvenile, but it’s fun, and it keeps one baby’s and one shopper’s boredom at bay.

“Wave”–Graphite and Pastels


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A Show of Hands: Applause

While everyone claps at sporting events, concerts, and plays, I sometimes feel we should applaud the little things people do for each other.  Let’s clap for the big tipper at table five, the girl who rushed to open the door for a mother with her hands full, the honest patron who returned the extra change a cashier accidentally gave him.  Let’s put our hands together for life’s little everyday miracles: kindness, consideration, and honesty.



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A Show of Hands: Pick Me!

When I was an elementary school teacher, there would be one student every year who knew all the answers—literally.  After I asked a question, his—or hers—would be the first hand to shoot into the air.  It would wiggle wildly, willing me to look in its direction.  Its fingers would stretch desperately toward the ceiling.  It was a flashing neon sign begging to be noticed.  It wouldn’t be fair to let that one student answer every question, but it wouldn’t be fair to ignore that kind of enthusiasm, either.  I would smile, nod, or wink at my genius, giving that “I know you know” acknowledgement before calling on another student—perhaps the one who sat in the back of the room and was often too shy to raise a hand.  Everyone deserves a chance to shine.

“Pick Me!”–Pastels


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A Show of Hands: The Disney Difference

Disney teaches its Cast Members to point with two fingers instead of one.  It’s a kinder, friendlier way to direct guests around the theme parks. It’s just what I would expect from the Happiest Place on Earth.  I like the Disney two-finger point so much that I use it myself.  Maybe it will make me kinder and friendlier, too.

“The Disney Difference”–Pastels on Multimedia Paper


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During the month of February, in honor of ‘love’, I will post an old favorite piece on what I’ve heard referred to as ‘Throwback Thursdays’.  This week’s piece is from a dry media series I call “Dreaming”.  You can view the entire series on my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/tamberrinoartstudio.  

“I Had the Most Vivid Dream” –pastels on Arches Cover


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