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Of all the basic obedience commands I teach my dogs, ‘stay’ is my favorite.  It is an exercise in patience, loyalty, and trust. In my heart, I truly wish they could obey that command in a more literal sense and stay with me forever.

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A Show of Hands: Give

It’s the season to share, and while I love to shop, this year I’m trying to give those gifts that are difficult to find during the holidays: time, love, patience, support, and encouragement.  They’re free, don’t need to be wrapped, and they’re always in style.  That’s the kind of present I love to receive, but I won’t complain if Santa leaves a little something under the tree, too.

“Give”–Watercolor and Ink Pen


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My Funny Valentine

This week, Throwback Thursday falls on Valentine’s Day, so it’s only fitting that I post a painting of one of my four-legged loves, Champ.  He patiently poses for countless photographs and happily tolerates the occasional costume I ask him to wear.  If I had even half of his patience, I would be a better person.

“Patience”–Watercolor pencil on Arches Cover


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