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Side Eye

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White Rhino 


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Daily Sketches

A sampling of daily three-minute sketches from the month of January


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A Show of Hands: Write

I’m a big fan of the saying “Say it, forget it.  Write it, regret it.”  In today’s electronic age, words typed in anger or haste can be instantly immortalized by others.  Words are powerful.  When I write, I try to choose words of kindness, encouragement, and empowerment. Those are much more pleasant to read, and they’ll never come back to haunt me.




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A Show of Hands: Protect

Protect our wildlife.  Protect our resources.  Protect our planet.

“Protect”–Graphite and Watercolor


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A Show of Hands: Treat

Treat time in our house is a canine celebration.  It doesn’t matter where my dogs are, the slightest tap of the treat jar will send them running with tails and tongues wagging.  Come to think of it, that’s probably the same way I look each night when I head to the fridge to unwrap a decadent piece of 86% dark chocolate.  Everyone deserves a little treat now and then.

“Treat”–Graphite and Watercolor


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A Show of Hands: Dexterity

As a child, I was fascinated by my hands’ dexterity.  I am ‘double-jointed’ and can bend my hands and fingers into all sorts of strange, unnatural positions.   I wish I could boast about how this ’talent’ has benefited me, but other than being the undefeated “Thumb War” champion in my family, it hasn’t. It only serves as an oddity and an off-putting party trick.  Still, I treasure my flexible little hands and thank them for seeing me through countless yoga poses, hours of drawing and painting, and a lifetime of ability.



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A Show of Hands: Pray

People pray in many different ways for many different reasons.  Prayer can be a time to connect, to reflect, or to meditate.   It can be done out loud, with others, or in complete silence. It has the ability to create a sense of calm, hope, or reassurance. Regardless of how people pray, I think most would agree on one thing– prayer is powerful.



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