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Warming Up

When it comes to the weather, I’ll take hot over cold any day.  I feel the same way about food.  I’ll take the warm apple pie, but hold the ’al a mode’.  When it comes to visuals, however, I do a total 180.  If you walked into my closet, you would find a lopsided rainbow of cardigans hanging over a rack of clothes organized by color.  The cool end of the spectrum far outweighs the warm.  Even in my art, I gravitate toward greens, blues, and violets.  When I do choose reds and yellows, I tend to use the cool versions of those hues.  Today, I decided it was time to give the ‘spicy’ colors on my palette a chance to play, and I’m really warming up to the results.

“Chili Pepper”–Watercolor–from my sketchbook



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