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A Show of Hands: Pick Me!

When I was an elementary school teacher, there would be one student every year who knew all the answers—literally.  After I asked a question, his—or hers—would be the first hand to shoot into the air.  It would wiggle wildly, willing me to look in its direction.  Its fingers would stretch desperately toward the ceiling.  It was a flashing neon sign begging to be noticed.  It wouldn’t be fair to let that one student answer every question, but it wouldn’t be fair to ignore that kind of enthusiasm, either.  I would smile, nod, or wink at my genius, giving that “I know you know” acknowledgement before calling on another student—perhaps the one who sat in the back of the room and was often too shy to raise a hand.  Everyone deserves a chance to shine.

“Pick Me!”–Pastels


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Skipping School

Fall is right around the corner and students all over the country are returning to school.  Taking a class or two each year not only fulfills my Florida Teaching Certificate requirements, it also motivates me.  Being in a studio setting with other artists inspires me to create.  Since I won’t be taking a class this fall, I will have to rely on gallery visits, long walks with Mother Nature, and my own imagination for the inspiration I crave.

“Coming Together”–Watercolor, Ink Pen, and Swarovski Crystals


“Nature’s Finest”–Watercolor, Ink Pen, and Swarovski Crystals


“Playing Dress Up”–Watercolor, Ink Pen, and Swarovski Crystals


“Circles”–Watercolor, Ink Pen, and Swarovski Crystals



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Back to School

The fall semester starts in two short weeks and I can hardly wait. My heart skips a beat when I think about the textbook, supply list, and syllabus. If the fact that I’m a die-hard Trekkie doesn’t qualify me as a geek, my love of school definitely solidifies my status as a full-fledged nerd.

As a life-long student, I am very familiar with the phases of each college semester. Right now, I am basking in the “I can’t wait for school to start!” phase. This will be followed by the frightening “What have I gotten myself into?” phase, the short-lived “Am I going to be able to do this?” phase, the exhilarating “I love this class!” phase, the exhausting “Finals week is killing me!” phase, and then returning full circle to “I can’t wait for school to start!”

Each new semester brings unique challenges, dismal failures, and celebrated successes. But most importantly, it brings growth. I am pushed beyond what I thought I could do and dragged along in exciting new directions. I never want to lose my zest for learning. I guess that’s why I greet each new semester with such genuine enthusiasm. And unlike my younger classmates who might view the next two weeks as a slow march to the gallows, I just can’t wait to get back to school!

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