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Wordless Wednesday: Sunny Side Up

“Sunny Side Up”–Watercolor and ink pen on board


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Well Traveled

Sea turtles are some of the most proficient navigators in the animal kingdom.  They can travel thousands of unmapped miles in warm ocean currents for migratory or nesting purposes.  I am in awe of their beauty, strength, and design.  This week’s Throwback Thursday is dedicated to nature’s ultimate traveler, who is often with me in spirit on my own Journey.

“Well Traveled”–Colored Pencil on Arches Cover


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Table for One

As a creature of habit, I always dine in the same Italian restaurant.  It’s a place where the manager greets me by name, and I never have to wait for a table–where the waiters know I like my salad dry, my water without ice, and my bread basket full.  The food is well-prepared, served piping hot, and never fails to stimulate my senses.

On my Artist’s Journey, I have a new ‘favorite destination’ that also serves up sensory delights.  Painting in the Impasto style, or ‘knife painting’, gives my normally detail-oriented brain a chance to play, unwind, and color outside the lines.  There’s always a table waiting when I get there, and I know just what to order–a colorful meal, stirred up with a palette knife, that is sure to satisfy my soul.

“My Blue Heaven”–  Acrylic on canvas


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