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Identity Crisis

While working on my Artist’s Statement, I realized I’d better check my passport.  I’m not entirely sure of my identity these days.  Am I a graphite artist or a painter?  A perceptual artist or an impressionist?  We’re only half way through the semester, and so far I have worked in acrylic, watercolor, ink, oil pastels, and colored pencils. I’ve enjoyed them all, so the burning question remains: How can I possibly choose a medium? A style? A specific subject matter?  But an even bigger questions begs to be answered: Do I really have to choose?

In life, I am a mother, wife, homemaker,bookkeeper, teacher, counselor, dog walker, chauffeur, and student. I find ways to manage all of those roles, so why not manage multiple styles and mediums?  I have crafted a few mixed-media pieces, but each medium is so marvelous and unique on its own that I almost feel guilty asking them to share space on my canvas.

Is it really necessary to define my identity by subject matter, style, and medium?  Or can I periodically change my ‘appearance’ like Mother Nature does as she cycles through her seasons? Only time can answer these questions, so for now I will simply have to define myself as Suzanne Tamberrino: Artist.

“Revolution”–a mixed media monotype series





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Fall’s Palette

Fall is in the air, and I find myself marveling at her magnificently diverse palette.  Summer’s vivid greens, warm reds, and sunny yellows remain, thanks to a parade of endless rain showers, but fall adds her own range of colors specific to her season.

The ground is littered with acorns forming a mosaic of deep umbers, raw siennas, and earthy ochres on a shaggy carpet of nature’s most perfect green.  While oak trees stay shrouded deep in their olive foliage, the maple trees  stand tall, prepared to bare their naked branches to the steely blue skies.  Maple leaves slowly lose their brilliant yellow-green hue.  Like crayons melting in the sun, each leaf becomes its own unique collage rich with autumnal  yellows, oranges, reds, and browns.  Fall’s wind gently plucks the works of art and lays them at the maple’s roots like a crumpled blanket to protect against winter’s chill.

The hidden magnolia pods turn delicious shades of coral, salmon, and pink before exploding with cherry red seeds that fall to the ground, contrasting sharply with emerald green grass.  The crepe myrtle trees are desperate bridesmaids, only a lucky few catching nature’s elaborate bouquets of delicate lavender blossoms.  The pine trees harbor their sage leaves knowing winter will not stalk in and rob them of their color.  The palm trees mimic fashion’s ombre trend with fronds that fade from forest green to harvest gold.

How lucky am I that we have a landscape project coming up in painting class?  My color choices will be based on fall’s amazing palette.  I can only hope I do her justice.




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