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Abandon Ship!

 Every seasoned sailor knows when it’s time to abandon ship, and every smart artist knows when it’s time to abandon a project.  “Vintage” looked great in my head, and pretty good on paper, but when the paint hit the canvas, I knew my ship was sinking—fast.  I wanted vintage elegance, but I ended up with graphic boldness—right idea, wrong medium.   Watercolor would give me the softness and fine detail I needed for this particular piece.  An expensive gallery wrapped canvas and a background I loved begged me to abandon my idea and start fresh.  I tossed myself a life ring—in the form of a jar of gesso—and headed for shore.  I have a final project to paint, and I can’t waste time bailing water.  This summer, without the pressure of the semester weighing down my ship, there’s a chance I might explore these waters again, but I can guarantee you I’ll be wearing a life jacket—just in case.

I had my doubts about her sea worthiness, but I decided to set sail.


Half way through my color study, I could tell she was taking on water…


I finally sounded the alarm: Abandon Ship!!




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