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Welcome, summer!

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Pass the Fruit

Florida’s hot humid summers always find me craving fruit.  That all-natural, juicy goodness not only satisfies my sweet tooth, it hydrates me as well.  After painting “Lemon-Lime”, my fruit craving wasn’t fully satisfied, so I indulged in “Peaches” and “Berries”, too.  Delicious!

“Peach”–Watercolor on Arches Aquarelle



“Berry”–Watercolor on Arches Aquarelle



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Hello, Summer!

The calendar says it’s still spring, but I’m already celebrating summer.  School is out, the temperatures are climbing, and the sun doesn’t set until nearly 9:00.  This is my season–shorts and flip flops, evening bike rides, and no alarm clocks in the morning.  It’s a time to relax, to reflect, to breathe.  Hello, summer.  Welcome back!

“Looking Up”–Watercolor–from my sketchbook


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