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Enjoying a Disney classic!

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Childhood Memories

Last weekend’s resort stay brought back childhood memories of jumping on the bed.

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A Show of Hands: Paint

Someone asked me recently if I made time to paint while on vacation.  Vacations are supposed to be filled with one’s favorite activities, so, yes, I paint when I travel!  I have two different travel paint sets and a variety of brushes, as well as a pencil and a set of pens that are always in my travel tote.  With the pressures of everyday life left behind, inspiration often appears when I’m in vacation mode.  The real magic is in keeping that creativity flowing after I’m home.

“Paint”–Graphite and Watercolor


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Vegas Sampler

My time in Vegas flew by way too fast, but I did manage to sample a few of the essentials of any good vacation:  play, celebrate, create, and love.

The Star Trek convention at the Rio


Waiting to see “Love” at The Mirage


Renewing our vows at The Little White Wedding Chapel


“Love”–painted in my room at The Elara


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A Show of Hands: Rolling the Dice

Next weekend, we’re heading to Las Vegas as part of my ongoing birthday celebration.  Although Sin City is the gambling capital of the United States, my husband and I don’t frequent the casinos.  We typically spend our time in Vegas shopping, enjoying the incredible shows, and sampling the cuisine. On this trip, in honor of my 50th, I have decided to roll the dice a few times.  Maybe Lady Luck will be in a generous mood.

“Rolling the Dice”–Colored Pencil on Mixed Media Paper


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