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Play Time

I am a firm believer in the theory that states that engaging in playtime is essential to retaining one’s youth.  Dogs seem to know that instinctively.  I love to watch as our Bostons invite each other to play with the introduction of a tennis ball, an enticing bark, or a full-blown play-bow.   No one needs to remind them, or encourage them, to play.

As we age, ‘play’ becomes something for the young.    There is not enough time.  It’s too silly.  There are more important things to do.  I still find time, though.  Whether I’m playfully painting in the impasto style, dressing up in costume for a Star Trek convention, or asking my husband  “Wanna ride bikes?”—I make it a priority to do things that make me laugh, smile, and feel young.  Life can be hectic and crazy, so we should all will take a cue from our dogs and remember to put a little ‘play’ in our day.

“Play Time”–Acrylic on Canvas–4 of 4 from the series “Time”



“Time”–  Acrylic Series on Canvas



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