As much as I love exploring new destinations, there is something warm and wonderful about visiting a familiar hotel, a favorite restaurant, or an old friend.

Last week, I had to suppress my joy when my painting instructor announced a watercolor project.  While my classmates moaned, groaned, and complained about the difficulty of the assignment, I beamed at the thought of spending time with my favorite medium.

I was nearly giddy as I pulled out my pristine Number 8 Round brush and unpacked my watercolor tubes.  It didn’t take very long to get reacquainted with my old friends.  Vibrant colors I hadn’t used in months came to life on my paper, ready to join me on my unexpected excursion.

As we brushed our way through the assignment and breezed through the clean-up, I felt a twinge of sadness knowing my watercolors would have to be shelved for the rest of the semester.  My acrylics were waiting patiently for the next leg of my trek.  Is there room for multiple mediums on my Artist’s Journey?  As I travel, I will undoubtedly come across materials, techniques, and ideas that I want to explore.  There are plenty of undiscovered destinations out there just waiting to become ‘old favorites’.  Maybe I just need a bigger suitcase.

“Florida’s Fall”–Watercolor on Arches Aquarelle


Old Friends

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