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Dogs have figured out how to coexist. Surely, we can, too.

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Whether in my lap or by my side, Champ was my great protector. He alerted me to all sorts of dangers including the doorbell, thunder storms, and the cheeky little squirrel who peeked in at us from outside the transom window in our family room. I always felt safe in his care.

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My dog’s lazy afternoon naps often melt into deep, sweet slumber. Quiet whimpers, muted yaps, and twitching paws signal the beginning of a dream. I wonder what she dreams of. Is she chasing a lizard on the pool deck? Is she preparing to go into battle with the curly dog next door? Or perhaps she is running full speed to greet a former beloved pack mate. I will never know the answers to those well-guarded secrets, but I love to watch her dream. 

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Of all the basic obedience commands I teach my dogs, ‘stay’ is my favorite.  It is an exercise in patience, loyalty, and trust. In my heart, I truly wish they could obey that command in a more literal sense and stay with me forever.

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