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 When I fly, if I’m given the option to bring a carry-on bag rather than having to check a bag, the choice is simple.  It’s easy to maneuver my carry-on as I make my way through the airport.  I don’t have to wait at the baggage carousel, and I don’t need a bellman’s assistance when I reach my destination.  I pack less, and have less to unpack when I get home.  Sometimes it just makes sense to downsize.

On my Artist’s Journey, I have downsized for my current series.  I typically work on a canvas of at least 16×20 inches, but this week I’m painting on 8×8 inch canvases.  The small canvases are easy to transport back and forth to class, and as an added bonus, I’m using a lot less paint.  There are plenty of times when my work calls for a large canvas, but on this project, I’m enjoying the maneuverability and portability of my ‘carry-on’ canvases.

“Nap Time”–Acrylic on Canvas–1 of 4 from the series “Time”


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