Identity Crisis

While working on my Artist’s Statement, I realized I’d better check my passport.  I’m not entirely sure of my identity these days.  Am I a graphite artist or a painter?  A perceptual artist or an impressionist?  We’re only half way through the semester, and so far I have worked in acrylic, watercolor, ink, oil pastels, and colored pencils. I’ve enjoyed them all, so the burning question remains: How can I possibly choose a medium? A style? A specific subject matter?  But an even bigger questions begs to be answered: Do I really have to choose?

In life, I am a mother, wife, homemaker,bookkeeper, teacher, counselor, dog walker, chauffeur, and student. I find ways to manage all of those roles, so why not manage multiple styles and mediums?  I have crafted a few mixed-media pieces, but each medium is so marvelous and unique on its own that I almost feel guilty asking them to share space on my canvas.

Is it really necessary to define my identity by subject matter, style, and medium?  Or can I periodically change my ‘appearance’ like Mother Nature does as she cycles through her seasons? Only time can answer these questions, so for now I will simply have to define myself as Suzanne Tamberrino: Artist.

“Revolution”–a mixed media monotype series





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