Table for One

As a creature of habit, I always dine in the same Italian restaurant.  It’s a place where the manager greets me by name, and I never have to wait for a table–where the waiters know I like my salad dry, my water without ice, and my bread basket full.  The food is well-prepared, served piping hot, and never fails to stimulate my senses.

On my Artist’s Journey, I have a new ‘favorite destination’ that also serves up sensory delights.  Painting in the Impasto style, or ‘knife painting’, gives my normally detail-oriented brain a chance to play, unwind, and color outside the lines.  There’s always a table waiting when I get there, and I know just what to order–a colorful meal, stirred up with a palette knife, that is sure to satisfy my soul.

“My Blue Heaven”–  Acrylic on canvas


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4 thoughts on “Table for One

  1. I love the texture in this painting I want to feel it under my fingertips I’m kinda tactile the museums dont like me Im always making “The Voice” from above reprimand me 😦

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